Dotcom Pharma, About us

About us

Dotcom Pharma was a vision to be recognized as a Partner of Choice which combines its strength in Manufacturing, with a strong emphasis on Quality, Supported by a strong team of professionals in all the functions related to quality manufacturing and marketing etc. We have a committed quality team possessing vast and varied experience in the pharmaceutical domain. We have well equipped office at Bombay and a branch at Bangalore with complete infrastructure, stairs facilities and technical personnel for marketing and offering self-services.

Since its Inception, we have built a solid foundation & achieved steady growth over the years. In service to the industry and trade, since the last five years Dotcom Pharma is proud to be a trusted business partner of customers and principals, offering the best supply chain management solution for domestic and overseas trade.

Dotcom Pharma has mustered the ways and means of doing business with a far-sighted combination of Vision, Creative thinking, Technology, Logistics and Management service. Dotcom Pharma is very sound on the financial front as well as a Zero-Debt Company, with substantial reserves which are being ploughed into future projects.